Funny Blogging Memes

or What you do when you spend an hour on a brilliant post only to have it completely disappear.

I could rewrite it, I could cry, I could toss my computer across the room shattering it into a billion little pieces that I would then have to clean up. This is less effort.


Funny Blogging Memes

well, in this case it was Google for memes, but same idea.


Funny Blogging Memes

Doest thou not envision thyself as the Bard in thy mind’s eye? (I know it should be in iambic pentameter – poetry writing escapes me)


funny blogging memes

Blogging rule #48: You can’t do a meme round up without a cat meme


Funny Blogging Memes

Blogging rule #49: You need a meme with this guy too.

Funny Blogging Memes

“Captain, if you will allow me to finish this final thought then I will gladly assist you with engaging Khan.”


Funny Blogging Memes

I am a Food Blogger. I still make the cookies, and photograph them and edit the photos, and write the blog about them and share on Link Parties and Social Media…. okay, the kid could have a point.


Funny Blogging Memes



Funny Blogging Memes

Which invariably leads to the next meme…


Funny Blogging Memes

Why can’t they all just get along?


Funny Blogging Memes

If only this were true.


funny blogging memes

Bloggers LOVE comments and shares (hint, hint, hint!)


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  1. Did you really lose a blog post?? That happened to me last week, and it always makes me want to give up blogging altogether… I clearly have oodles of stick-to-it-ness…

    Thank you for the laughs!! Love the memes, and your commentary. 😉

    1. I did! And it was hysterically funny. Or it was shaping up to be funny. And then I tried to upload a photo and poof it was GONE!

  2. I think I would cry if I lost a whole blog post! Sorry that happened to you. But I love your sense of humor! This post is great! And thanks for feeding my Ryan Gosling addiction too! 😉


    1. Anytime I search for a meme Ryan Gosling pops up, along with a cat (usually Grumpy Cat).

  3. Oh, I can relate to many of these! I am SO sorry you lost a blog post! Hopefully if you had pictures they were saved at least. Thanks for sharing the funnies. 🙂


    1. I was just uploading the pictures when it crashed 🙁

      Thanks for coming by.

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