December 2015 California Native Plants Photos

It’s just an incredibly beautiful winter day here in Southern California so I grabbed the camera and took some shots of my California Native plants to share with you.

While it is winter and snowing and plants are dormant in some areas, here in my yard the California Native plants are just starting to awaken from their summer hibernation. Hopefully, the promise of an El Nino year with lots of rain will come to pass and I will have a plethora of blooms to show you in the spring.

For now here’s what’s going on in my yard:

Heteromeles arbutifolia, Toyon or Christmas Berry

Heteromeles arbutifolia: Toyon or Christmas Berry.

A rather appropriate name wouldn’t you say?

Fallugia Paradoxa plume

Fallugia Paradoxa: Apache Plume.

The plants on the north side of the yard were ready to be cut back for the year today. But, those on the south are still blooming and pluming… at least a little.


California salvia - sage

Salvia – sage

I thought the Salvia plant in this area was long dead, but low and behold this little one decided to prove me wrong.

I was surprised to spy a few blossoms on this Salvia Bee's Bliss

Salvia Bee’s Bliss

I was surprised to spy a few blossoms on this Salvia Bee’s Bliss.


California lilac - Ceanothus

Ceanothus, California lilac

I lost four large lilac plants this year. I suspect Argentine ants taking advantage of the drought stress. But, those that remain are starting to get new leaves.

Arctostaphylos, Manzanita beginning to bud

Arctostaphylos, Manzanita

Some of the Manzanita bushes are beginning to develop tiny buds this time of year.

Some of the Arctostaphylos (Manzanita) are beginning to develop tiny buds.

Arctostaphylos, Manzanita

A different variety of Manzanita beginning to bud.


Insect resting on an Arctostaphylos

A few branches away from the last shot, I spied this little one playing peek-a-boo with me. A grasshopper, I think.

purple flower stalk

This plant is in the herb garden. It is not a California native, but it is drought tolerant. I just can’t remember what it is at the moment. And the photo came out so nice I decided to include it with the others.

I hope you enjoyed the garden tour. Especially those of you with a blanket of snow covering your yard.


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  1. It is great what you were able to find around your backyard. I think I have never seen a Toyon berries tree. But, I have heard the name from friends who are into foraging.

    1. Thanks, Ruth. They are HUGE bushes (several meters) and are covered in red berries this time of year. The birds love them

  2. Loved the shots. Especially the last one and the blossom on the Salvia Bee’s Bliss

    1. Thanks!

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