Summer Fun Beach Towel Wreath - Upcycle a beach towel and old summer toys into a fun summer themed wreath.
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Summer Fun Beach Towel Wreath

Another season, another reason, for making…. a new wreath for the front door.ย  To celebrate summer and add a burst of color to the front porch I made this Summer Fun Beach Towel Wreath with odds and ends from around the house.summer fun

I originally considered a pool noodle for the base of this summer wreath. But the sad boy eyes I got when I mentioned it to the 8 year old sent me looking in another direction.

Finally, I decided on an old beach towel. How old? I am not sure exactly, but I saw it in a picture from 1987 and it was probably several years old by then.

Next I went rummaging through the house andย  yard for things we no longer use or have multiples of. Like the swim goggles – he has five pairs!

summer fun wreath(8)

The big purple thing was a sun shade for a baby float. He’s eight, I don’t think he can get his shoulders through the center of the float any more. I grabbed my seam ripper and removed it from the wire in two pieces: the center complete with mesh (which became the bow) and the ribbon like trim around the edge.

Beach Towel Wreath: The base

I inverted the towel, wrapped it around the metal circle then wrapped some of the purple fabric around like ribbon. I secured with a safety pin instead of sewing because I am lazy. ๐Ÿ˜‰

summer fun wreath(10)

I hid a loop of wire underneath the ribbon at the top for hanging.

summer fun wreath

Beach Towel Wreath: The decorations

The toys needed a bit of scrubbing to remove years of mud and debris.

summer fun wreath(9)

One of the few items I had to buy was this mini kite.

summer fun wreath(6)

The kite was needed because I had a vision of everything being tied on with kite string a la Charlie Brown.

summer fun wreath(5)

Finally,ย  I hung the end of the kite string off of the bow.

summer fun wreath(7)

Beach Towel Wreath: The greeting banner

It still needed a little something else, so I found some scrap pink material to make a banner. I had to buy the fabric paint and stamps, but I barely used any paint and the stamps are all reusable I don’t think it should count in my final cost.

summer fun wreath(4)

summer fun wreath(1)
I found dipping the stamp in the paint resulted in a mess, so I smoothed the paint with a brush for a cleaner look.

summer fun wreath(3)

summer fun wreath(2)


The kite was $5 and the paint and stamps were another $5-7 (both were on sale) making this come in under $15, with lots of yellow fabric pain and foam stamps for other projects. I like the results, and my husband actually complimented it, which is worth a million dollars to me.

summer fun wreath: upcycled beach towel wreath


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