Why All the Hate for Comic Sans? Fonts Matter.

Why do people ridicule the Comic Sans font? It’s such a happy little font. Besides, it’s just a font. Does it really make a difference?

This comment recently appeared on my timeline.


Oh wait, I am the one that posted that. Considering the project was about Steve Jobs I steered him towards Lucida instead. I wasn’t paying for Helvetica or Myriad, fonts that have been used by Apple.
Why all the hate for Comic Sans? Funny Comic Sans Memes. How to choose a font for your blog, graphics or other project.

What does Comic Sans look like?


I wouldn’t say ugly… Over used, yes. Inappropriately used, often.

Do people really hate Comic Sans that much?


Is it ever okay to use Comic Sans?

Yes, teachers really do love Comic Sans. At least those at our school. These are from several different teachers at our school.

Which is probably why my son gravitated towards it initially.

Do fonts really matter that much?

You tell me.

Some wouldn’t have been bad, but Channel and Harley Davidson? As I said before “no, just no.”

Comic Sans was based off of hand lettering in comic books and was originally meant for use in comics, informal letters and children’s materials. It should NEVER be used for formal material and series subject matters. It just “looks” wrong, doesn’t it?.

How do I choose a font for my blog (or research paper, graphics, etc.)?

I am no expert. And truth be told, I am still not 100% sure I love the fonts I am currently using on my blogs. But, they are easy to read and give a “neutral” sentiment (neither formal nor cutesy).

Orana from Orana Creative wrote this great post for the International Bloggers Association to help bloggers choose the fonts for their brand. If that isn’t enough, I highly recommend her e-course, or even hiring her to help you create your brand.

Choose a font that helps convey your message. If your message is trite or child oriented than maybe Comic Sans is right for you. But resumes, scientific presentations or policy papers about rape or other serious matters call for another choice.






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  1. Haha, this cracked me up! I don’t know why primary schools love comic sans so much – I’m chair of governors of my local one at the moment, and even all their board minutes, etc, are in comic sans. I can feel my eye twitching every meeting!

    1. I subconsciously notice it every time something comes home from school. I spent too long in the business world ridiculing it, I guess. For elementary schools it is fine. After that….

  2. Love this post, funny memes 🙂

    1. Thanks. I always have fun with posts like this.

  3. Lol this is such a funny yet true post 😀

    1. Thanks. Some people are quite passionate about it. I only notice it because when I was in the business world they forbid it’s use.

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