8 Fictional Ducks I Like Better Than Donald #FridayFrivolity

Happy 83rd Birthday Donald Duck! I wish I could say I am a fan, but I’m not. You annoyed me long before people started using you in memes about the POTUS. And now the sight of you gives me the shakes. There are so many awesome duck characters more worthy of esteem than you. So, to put my sarcastic twist on our Friday Frivolity host theme, here are 8 fictional ducks I like better than Donald Duck.8 Fictional Ducks Better than Donald Duck - fun fictional duck characters

Most people, at least where I live, are more familiar with Rick Dees playing music as a radio personality instead of performing. But, way back in 1976 he brought us Disco Duck.


Howard the Duck. 1980’s campiness at it’s best. Oh Lea, that hair! (I am grateful to have been a teen before social media so there is no evidence I actually owned/used a crimping iron).


The AFLAC duck. So many great commercials to choose from, but this foodie had to go with Guy!


Yakky Doodle, cuteness overload.


Ming Ming. This is Sewious! And now I am craving celery.


Darkwing Duck (and Gosalyn and Launchpad and Morgana and Bushroot and the entire crew, etc.) Let’s Get Dangerous!


Duck Dodgers in the 24th and 1/2 century! Tom Jones singing the theme song (and lending his voice to one of the funniest episodes) was just enough to nudge out DW for the #2 spot.


And finally the winner of my favorite fictional duck is….

Rubber Ducky, you’re the one!

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  1. I’d have added the guys from Duck Dynasty to my list (they may not be actual ducks but I love their show and their attitutude). You’ll have to google them if you haven’t come across them anywhere.

    1. My nephew made me watch a few episodes when he visited. At least I know what the hype was about, ha ha!

  2. Ha! I actually had a hard time with this week, because I like Daffy SO much better than Donald. I do like the Donald/Chip N Dale bits, but those are mostly because of the chipmunks, not Donald. And OhMyGoodness, I was OBSESSED with Disco Duck! I didn’t have the album, my my best neighbor friend did and I pretty much spent time at least every day for several years dancing with her to that thing, over and over and over…. #FridayFrivolity

    1. Love Chip n Dale! Never a real Daffy fan either until Duck Dodgers.

      We really need more silly songs like Disco Duck these days.

  3. This post made me laugh because I remember many of these ducks. My daughter used to love the Wonder Pets when she was little and that song is still stuck in my head these many years later, lol. I guess I love ducks too as one of the main characters in my children’s picture book series is Quack a little yellow duckling.

    1. My 9 year old groaned when I played the Wonder Pets clip – “That’s a BABY show!” I still love it. And he probably will again in 5-10 years.

  4. Thank you for hosting once more. Enjoy a lovely week!

  5. It is not a cartoon but I love the AFLAC Duck. My kiddos get on me because I will say- “Cue the Duck”

    Thanks for hosting and have a great weekend.

  1. […] One way to motivate yourself using autonomy is to take ownership of a chore or add some aspect of self-direction to it. When I used to host the Friday Frivolity Link Party, I sometimes struggled to create the posts when our host topic was one that did not appeal to me: hairstyles, lip sync, Donald Duck. UGH! But, when I twisted the theme to make it my own it was so much easier: Crazy Hairstyles the Princess Leia Edition, Lip Sync? Lip Dub? Man I am Old, and Ducks I Like Better than Donald Duck. […]

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