How to Find the Motivation to Get More From Life

The year is almost half over. So is summer vacation for us. How have you progressed towards your New Year’s Resolutions? Are you halfway there? Or have you lost all momentum and now can’t find the motivation to get back on track?

Get Motivated to Achieve Your Goals: learn the science behind motivation and strategies to help you achieve your goals in life.

Making resolutions is only the first step

I have done great on my nutrition goals, but haven’t managed to get consistent about exercise.

On a whim, I started a Project 365 on New Year’s Day of posting a photo of my morning coffee every day. The last few weeks it has been a chore. One day I took the photo but never got around to editing and posting it (so two went up the next day). And I haven’t updated the monthly round ups here in a few months.

I was determined my son was going to learn to ride a bike and work on typing and cursive writing this summer. The bike is shoved in the back of the garage after his last meltdown and he’s currently watching You Tube videos while I type this. Mom of the Year nominee time.

Sometimes letting your goals get hijacked can be a good thing. At the start of the year my goals and focus were on my two blogs. Then something happened and I developed a new revenue stream that is flourishing. But, I need to hone my craft and implement some new strategies to continue to develop that stream into a gently flowing river.

Self improvement requires one thing, that for me is often in short supply: motivation.

Only I can change my life. No One can do it for me. Carol Burnett

You have the desire, but do you have the motivation

I know what I need to do to get physically fit, but putting down the phone and getting off the couch to make the changes is hard. Pushing my son to practice cursive is a bit hypocritical when I can’t take the time to work through the hours of classes I have purchased to improve my blog and business.

Does any of this sound familiar? I am guessing it does or you wouldn’t have clicked on this post in the first place.  You don’t need to wait for the New Year to set a goal, and you can start a diet on a Wednesday (or so I have been told 😉 ).

Get Motivated Series

This unmotivated blogger is drawing a line in the sand and starting anew. Beginning with publishing a 5 part blogging series on motivation. Yes, I see the irony.


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