Why I Will Keep Amazon Prime Despite the Price Increase

Let’s make this clear from the start, I am an Amazon affiliate. I make a few pennies when anyone clicks on a link from this page and then buys something on Amazon (<—links like that one). I was an Amazon Prime member long before I joined the affiliate program and I will renew my annual subscription even with the upcoming increase.

Why? For the same reason I don’t go to Disneyland… entertainment value for my money.

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Disneyland isn’t magical enough to me

I know, I know I am practically unAmerican to not like Disney. I have 3 family members that work at Disneyland. And I have plenty of friends that have annual passes despite the repeated cost increases.

But, I have zero desire to go to the parks.

I do not enjoy crowds or standing in line. Disneyland isn’t magical enough to make me want to endure that. I chose to spend my entertainment dollars elsewhere.

If Disney is magical for you, that’s great! Enjoy! Life is short, be happy.

Even with the $20 price increase, Amazon Prime is still a great entertainment and shopping value. Click To Tweet

Despite the upcoming 20% increase, Amazon Prime is still worth the money to me.

There are plenty of benefits with Amazon Prime. My favorites are:

Prime Video: We got rid of cable last year and I have been binge watching some great TV series for free:

  • Downton Abbey
  • Psych
  • Dr. Who
  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
  • The Tick


Prime Books: No cable plus a love of reading means Prime Books is a bonanza for me. Lots of great reads at no additional cost.


Prime Shipping: For someone that hates crowds, online shopping is ideal.

Plus it comes in awfully handy in certain situations. Like not having time to get to the store for Easter basket shopping before my son was out for school. Or when I need a somewhat obscure ingredient for a blog post, like the rose water for the Raspberry Rose Sugar Cookies. Free two day shipping  to the rescue.

At this time we do not take advantage of the Prime Music or Twitch, but as my 10 year old gets older I am sure these will be using them more.

I don’t like price increases, but sometimes it’s worth it.

I am not thrilled about having to pay an extra 20% for Amazon Prime. Hey, I could buy something fun with that extra $20. But for me that $119 is worth it.

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