What does my house have against light bulbs?

A few days after we moved in it started. The light bulb above the stairs in that “ha ha, you have to have a ladder to get me” highest possible spot went out. It has been nonstop ever since.

Replaced both of the ones in the garage door opener when we had to replace the back up battery. One went out the next day.

Put in a fun colored light on the front porch for the holidays, burned out within days.

Every few months or so one of the five in the chandelier over the dining room table decides to quit.

In my son’s bathroom 4 of the 5 are now out. All put in at the same time, all from the same box.

In the downstairs bathroom, not only did one go out, put when I tried to unscrew it the bulb came off in my hand and the metal part is still hopelessly stuck in the socket. Did the potato trick, tried a pair of pliers. Nope it is crazy glued in there. The other bulb in the fixture that I put it in at the same time is still going strong after over 6 months.

One outside, a few table lamps here and there, all burned out. And they aren’t the cheap incandescent ones either. These are the more expensive supposed to use less energy and last longer compact fluorescent ones that can’t be thrown away. I have a drawer in the garage full of them! Someday I will take them to a hazardous waste dump.

My only theory is that the house is secretly sucking the life out of the light bulbs and creating some kind of weird energy vortex beneath my son’s bed that he has figured out how to tap into so he wakes up in the middle of the night ready to play!

Either that or the house enjoys tormenting me very slowly, one bulb at a time…

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  1. I dislike changing bulbs too easpecially if they're hard to reach!

    You might be using bulbs with a wattage that's too high. Try a lower wattage bulb. See if that works. Maybe your house doesn't like lights… =P

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