Sunday Funnies

I’m starting to get a little down today, so I am putting the brakes in the negative thinking and posting a few things that have made me smile this week.
My son informed me recently that “Mario and Luigi sailed on the Mayflower.” They were on a boat in a game and apparently every boat is now the Mayflower. 
My friend’s 3 year old grandson wants an “electric cord of his own” for Christmas because none of the grown ups in his life will share theirs. Meanies!
There is a yellow G strategically placed in my Christmas tree. Sigh, magnetic letters really are EVERYWHERE in this house.
And on the little 3 foot tree upstairs: I am TOTALLY freaking out! Cat is stuck in a tree, AGAIN. (Another Peg + Cat reference – awesome show on PBS, find it and enjoy, especially if you have little kids!)
This is how the Mom in charge of Scholastic book orders delivered the latest order for J so there’d be no chance of him peeking. Heck, my husband won’t even look in that bag.
And finally, a little cooking tip for you: wooden forks burn if left too close to the fire. Just thought you’d want to know.  No one to blame but myself for that one. And I heard all of the jokes Hubby could come up with including serenading me with “Burning Down the House.”

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