Funny Daylight Saving Time Memes

Some people hate it. I love it.  I agree with the state of Florida that is currently considering making it Daylight Saving Time year round. It is the change part I don’t like. Besides having to change the clocks I am never thrilled at the concept of losing an hour of my weekend.


And since my weekend is shortened I am not going to spend any time blogging about why we do it or attempt to convince you that it is actually Daylight Saving (singular) and not Savings (plural). Instead I will share some Daylight Saving Time funnies.




Hope you have an awesome weekend, even if it is a bit shorter than usual.

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3 thoughts on “Funny Daylight Saving Time Memes”

  1. Thanks for the laugh! I think I’m guilty of saying Daylight Savings~plural! I never realized it til now. LOL. so, a good laugh and an english grammar lesson all in one spot. 🙂 Thanks for linking up with From the Archives Friday!

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