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I am making a concerted effort to find the humor in everyday life lately. A few things that have made me chuckle:

While reading Cat in the Hat to a small group in my son’s class one girl was completely baffled by the kids sitting and doing nothing inside all day because of the rain. “Why can’t they just play rainy day games?”  Her mom, a high school English teacher, got a kick out of it when I told her. Poor deprived little California girl, in her lifetime she has never experienced days on end of rain so you get bored and stir crazy.

Since playing Paper Mario, J has become fascinated by the phonograph.

  • “You have to turn the handle, ha ha, not too fast and not too slow, ha ha.”
  • “It has a TUBA on it, ha ha ha ha.”
  • “You put a ree-cord on it.” (as opposed to the correct pronunciation in this case of “reck-ord”.

Oof, I feel as ancient as I did when I showed J and his friends a pay phone and they gasped “The WHOLE thing is a phone?!”

Not sure if we are playing Moses or Firefighter here.

I considered myself warned and put a towel down before I let him get in the tub.

That’s all I have to share at the moment. Hope you have a great weekend. Looks like we are FINALLY getting some much needed rain here in the West. Mommy better come up with some rainy day games before the my new gown, the one with spots that are pink white and red ends up on Thing 1’s kite string.

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