Your turn!

I have been the one to make sure J gets his homework done every night. He only has to do 4 out of the 5 days a week. With J, every single day must be done completely. Where is the O page? Why did we skip O? I want to do an O page. I created an O page.

I have “worked” with him on the Rainbow words. Okay, I confess, with J it was show him the list and ask if he can read them all – my little hyperlexic could have read them 2 years ago. Throw list in a pile and ignore it for months. Oh, now she wants us to work on spelling them. I give him 6 spelling tests (one for each “color”) to see if he could spell them. He only needed to review 3 out of 100 once or twice until:

  • wich became which
  • thier became their
  • bin became been

(I know adults that would have trouble with those without auto correct)

I am the one that keeps track of the special dress up days, making sure we have something the week before, buying or making it as needed and then laying out clothes the night before. Don’t get me started on the nightmare of helping him write 1 through 100 legibly on a t-shirt with fabric pens for 100th Day. *shudder*

I make sure all of the permission slips are signed, fund raiser orders are placed, library books are returned, special items are brought in for the parties, etc.

I take care of the presents for the teacher and the aide.

I volunteer twice a week in the classroom.

Today, this “optional homework” came home.

I am using my “free pass”. Daddy, this one is ALL yours.

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