I was tired so I napped…

A friend once said she took a nap because she loved her family so much she did not want to subject them to her grouchiness when she was tired.

I nap in “self defense”. When you spawn a child that doesn’t sleep you do what you gotta do to stay functional.

nap rollover plan

Today I had a million things I could have done like:

  • writing up one of the two or three blog posts I have half written in my mind.
  • cleaning the house
  • cleaning out the closet of doom
  • working ahead on some food posts
  • social media networking
  • sewing some of those “free” projects I got recently
  • gardening
  • stripping the kitchen table
  • playing Candy Crush Saga
  • watching DIY Network
  • reading a Mommy book
  • ….

But, with my night sweats and sinus headaches keeping me from sleeping restfully combined with J waking up at o’dark thirty, I was done in.

So, I napped for 30 minutes before I went to pick up J at school. And, no surprise, I feel better!

But, it is taking everything in my power not to feel guilty.

Even though I really have nothing to feel guilty for.

Our love will climb any mountain near or far,

we are, and we never let it end.

We are devotion…

Sorry, I hope you don’t have that song stuck in your head now. Maybe if I take another nap I can get it out of mine.

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