Neighbor Humor

I am trying really hard to be patient with my neighbors and accept that we just have different ways of doing things:

  • J is an early riser so we go to bed early. They play Ring Around the Rosy with their 4 year old grandchild at the top of their lungs on the front lawn at 9:00 pm.
  • I love gardening as you can see from some of my photos. Their yard is nothing but dirt and weeds and the only grass they seem to be able to grow is the illegal kind I smell wafting over the fence.
  • They do not believe children should have to do chores… or go to school…




I wrote an entire blog continuing in this vein last week and luckily lost it before I could publish it.

I need to stop this line of thinking, because they aren’t changing and they aren’t moving. I can only control my reaction.

So, it is time to laugh about it.  Especially since I am starting to sound like Rat (shudder).

It just wouldn’t be a meme roundup without Grumpy Cat


I know someone with a neighbor that actually did this in reference to them.


Gotta love Mae West!


Maybe I should have tried this when my yard was littered with their butts…

Why do you have a dog if you never spend any time with it?

Now if he was a day trader and wanted to help me with my investments he can stay.

Luckily, I have so many other awesome neighbors that help offset the few annoying ones.


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