Why I buy washable markers…

My little darling is 6 years old, and I still spend the extra dollar or so to buy good name-brand washable markers for many reasons.

Here is one:

his first tattoo! Raphael holding his sais.

His first tattoo! Raphael holding his sais.

And here is another:
self drawn face paint

a jack o’lantern

I think he was trying to recreate this one he got at the Wild Rumpus a few weeks ago, done with real face paint.

first ever face paint!

first ever face paint!

Bad Mommy got so engrossed in an article in the Sunday paper she did not notice that he was spending an awfully long time in the bathroom after breakfast.
A little soap and water and he was all cleaned up to go play outside… in the mud.
Have a great Sunday.

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  1. Smart of you to buy washable markers! I still have stains on my fingers from my Marvy Markers I used to do a quick sketch the other day, those are marvelously permanent markers! Thanks for stopping by my Martini Diva blog!

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