Repurposed Garden Hose Wreath

It’s almost a new month which means it is almost time for a new wreath on my front door. This time around I went with something I saw on Pinterest years ago: a Repurposed Garden Hose Wreath.

Repurposed Garden Hose Wreath

Gray isn’t exactly my first color choice for this, but the whole idea behind my wreaths this year is to make do with what I already have. And I had a pretty badly beaten gray house.

gardening wreath(5)Unlike the Valentine’s Wreath and Easter Wreath I made previously, I did actually spend some money on this one. Five dollars for the gardening tools and gloves. Our kids tools are too battered and broken.


To make this, I started by coiling the hose until I got the dimensions I wanted and tied off the end.

gardening wreathThen I used gardening shears to trim the hose.

gardening wreath(1)I debated going with green duct tape, zip ties or the green gardening twine to hold the hose together. In the end it was a combination of zip ties…

gardening wreath(2)(which I ended up hiding with the gloves and mini pot) and the garden twine.

gardening wreath(3)I had a tiny little clay pot I wanted to use, but couldn’t figure out how to glue it on securely. Instead I had a little seed starter pot that I cut in half.

gardening wreath(4)I filled it with foam, stuck some plant tags in it and added some moss to cover the foam.

gardening wreath(6)

I glued on some seed plastic seed packets (the paper ones will not hold up, I’m sure) and tied on the tools and gloves to finish the look.

gardening wreath(7)

My 7 year old was so excited about a new wreath for the door that he almost looked up from his game to see the finished project before he exclaimed “Looks great, Mom” in that monotone “don’t bother me I am playing voice” us Moms know all too well.

Well, I don’t care if he or his dad aren’t interested. I like it. And so does my mommy who got a sneak peek via text! ha ha!



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  1. This is such a cute idea, I have not seen anything like it before!!
    I would love to have you drop by Friday Features and share with my readers this week!!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks, Karen. I saw it on Pinterest years ago and have been meaning to try it.

  2. Hey there, I had NO IDEA you had this awesome gardening blog – love it! Such a cute idea, I just shared it everywhere. Love this project, found it at the #HomeMattersParty! 🙂

    1. Yes, Katie, I have two blogs. I try to keep all of the recipes on That Recipe and the other fun stuff here.

  3. Awesome work, Audrey. I’m a sucker for DIY project–this has inspired me so, so much.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Thanks, June. It was a fun project.

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